Take that risk!

How do you know if you can achieve something if you’re too afraid to step outside your comfort zone? Everyone should try something different that maybe they don’t feel that comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong with being scared and worried, but if you never push your boundaries how will you ever grow? Taking risks isContinue reading “Take that risk!”

Monday Motivation

So it’s currently 1.43am and I can’t sleep so I wanted to come on here and talk about motivation. Random I know but seen as it’s already Monday. I thought why not, might help me clear my mind so I can sleep.Motivation is hard to achieve and to maintain, I struggle with it a lot.Continue reading “Monday Motivation”

My Secondary School Experience

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all having a great Friday, ready for the weekend! This blog is about my secondary school experience or high school, whatever you refer to it as. This was requested by Joshua Dowen, so thanks for the idea Joshua. So where do I begin… When I first saw the request I panicked,Continue reading “My Secondary School Experience”

What I’ve learnt in lockdown

Hi, everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I want to talk about lockdown (dun dun dunnnn) These have been challenging and scary times for everyone, with so many restrictions in place. Even though it has been for the safety of everyone, it has had a big strain on people mentally. Trying to get yourselfContinue reading “What I’ve learnt in lockdown”

The ‘C’ Word

That’s right…Confidence. That’s what you were thinking right? Confidence is a big thing for me as I’m sure it is for the majority of people. You see a lot on social media, everyone showing off their amazing bodies and huge smiles. But not everything you can see reflects what that person is going through mentally,Continue reading “The ‘C’ Word”

Let’s start this strong – I’m Naideena

Hi, I’m Naideena or Deena for short. I’m 25 and this is my first ever blog! I live in Wolverhampton in the UK and I just wanted to give something different a go. Something I’m maybe not that comfortable with, but I need to start somewhere so, here I am. I don’t really have aContinue reading “Let’s start this strong – I’m Naideena”